Standalone telephone logger does not need to connect the computer, only connect power to record. Adopt high resistance parallel connection, can record all kinds of analog telephone, audio signaling. Store the calls info in the SD card or SATA hard disk. There are 2/4/8/16 channels to choose.
  • Embedded structure, does not need to connect computer to record, only connect power to work. It is convenient,reliable and anti-virus.
  • With hardware and software watchdog, prevent devices hang
  • Automatically record the incoming and out call, unanswered call number, duration, conversation and so on.
  • Unique audio automatic gain control(AGC) technology, make sure the audio balance on two side and voice clear.
  • Unique DSP algorithm, make sure caller ID ( DTMF/FSK) and DTMF key accurately receive in all kinds of line environment.
  • Can choose SD card or SATA hard disk to store the recorded data. SD card can reach 32 G. Hard disk can reach to 500 G, 1TB, 2TB..
  • 8 times hardware compression to store the data which can save the storage space.4G will save about 1100 hours data.
  • Automatically detect the storage space. It will automatically remove the earliest data when the space will be full. Support to circulate record.
  • A record server can register multiple users; the admin can preset every user’s operation permission.
  • Can choose client search(C/S ) or browser search(B/S) to search and manage call records.
  • Standalone recorder support distributed multiple installation; central manage by our central recording management software
  • Supply the third party development interface (OCX Controls); can realize to supply real-time telephone calls info to other CRM software by calling this interface. It is convenient to link up with all kinds of operation system.
  • Embedded Sqlite database. Support multiple devices to stack.
  • Do not need install any plug-in on the computer. Directly access device by browser (playing/monitoring does not need install any plug-in or decoder).