Voice Logger

Voice Logger - Digital Extension

Digital Extension Voice Logger implements voice recording using a specialised hardware voice logging cards that plugs into the PCI expansion slot of the computer system. The Voice Logger supports digital PBX extensions and requires a powerful computer system to log the number of extension lines. It should be noted that the Voice Logger installed computer system should support full length PCI cards for the purpose of voice logging.


The Digital Extension implements a user-friendly browser interface that displays complete call details like caller/called id, date, time, duration, status etc. The GUI comprises of an advanced audio player that allows the user to select, play and analyse the audio file. The audio file can be compressed to multiple wave formats like GSM/MP3/PCM. Some of the digital PBXes supported by Digital Extension Voice Logger are listed below:



Xtend Voice Logging solution works with voice cards manufactured by Ai-Logix and Synway. The following picture helps you to figure out the configuration of Xtend Voice Logger with Ai-Logix voice card.



Just like the other models of Xtend Voice Logger, the digital extension model is a passive logger that does not tamper with the voice quality or the signalling system. Again, no change is required in the existing system configuration to install this model of the logging system.

Apart from hardware, Xtend Voice Logging Solution software needs to be loaded to generate the reports and details of logging. For the same, we require an ordinary PC with 2+ GHz processor capability and atleast 80GB hard disk storage space to store the voice logs. Windows XP Professional/2000/2003 Server operating system with a minimum of 512 MB RAM is required for proper functioning of the system. A CD/DVD writer avails to store backups whereas a Network Interface Card serves to access remotely the browser-based interface.